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Unblu for Insurance: Create meaningful customer journeys 2

In this webinar, we discuss how to put the customer at the heart of your strategy. Why? Because most customers interact with their insurer less than once a year.

With so few customer interactions, it’s critical that insurers deliver these experiences well. Each interaction needs to be treated like a critical moment of truth, especially in the claims process, where insurers often have to prove themselves.

So, what makes a positive experience? Convenience, personalization, human interaction, and reassurance. These meaningful experiences occur when the customer can seamlessly weave in and out of automated and human interactions.


  • Introduction
    • Today’s Insurance Challenges
    • What does “meaningful customer journeys” mean?
  • Introduction to Unblu & the Conversational Platform
  • Live Demo
    • Advising Prospects and Customers & Winning Business
    • Improving the Claims Process
    • Other Scenarios: Onboarding & Support Q&A
  • Q&A

Presented by

Danny Baggs

Danny Baggs

Director of Marketing UK & US at Unblu Inc.