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The Opportunity for Video Communication in Financial Services

tokbox-logo-vertical.pngAlexander Wu (Technical Sales Engineer at Tokbox), and Jens Rabe (COO at Unblu), explain why the rise in the adoption of video communications represents an opportunity for financial services. Video Communication will play a major role in the future of banking,


  • Video Communication: a better experience for today’s banking customers
  • Unblu and Tokbox: one solution for a smart video banking implementation.


Tokbox approach to Video Communication for Financial Services

  • Why Tokbox and why WebRTC: a P2P technology tailored for enterprises.
  • The changing digital landscape for financial services
  • Regulatory challenges in the financial industry and how TokBox is addressing them: encryption, geofencing, archiving, etc. (The rules for financial services Security, Scale, compliance)
  • Use cases and references in the Financial Industry. RBS, Unblu, Esurance
  • Tokbox and GDPR
  • Technical overview of Tokbox - under the hood




Presented by

Alexander Wu

Alexander Wu

Technical Sales Engineer at Tokbox