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Ten years of continuous growth

We've helped 150+ financial sector customers transform their digital channels.

  • 80% of Swiss Cantonal Banks uses Unblu

    Swiss Cantonal Banks are well-trusted institutions with a long history in their communities. They have implemented our solution either directly or through our local partners Swisscom (the biggest Swiss Telecom company) or Inventx.


    We make online consulting as visual as possible and offer the kind of customer service that creates trust.

  • Celero Enables Member-Centric Digital Banking Experiences for Credit Unions with Unblu

    Celero, a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada, has chosen Unblu’s Conversational Platform to enable their credit union clients to deliver member-centric experiences via digital channels that are as equally engaging as those within the credit union branch. This integration is integral to Celero’s clients’ goals of increasing members’ comfort and engagement with Celero Xpress, which will ultimately drive adoption and use of the platform.


    Using Unblu's Conversational Platform, we can provide our clients with a way to support and guide members at every step of their digital journey.

  • Komerční Banka lowered support costs whilst increasing customer relationships

    KB serves 1.6 million customers across Central and Eastern Europe. The bank’s goal is to differentiate its offerings with unrivalled customer support and financial advice.
    Using Unblu ’s Co-Browsing, the bank introduced the human touch to digital channels, turning a self-service interaction into a personal exchange and the potential for additional revenue.


    As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, Unblu’s co-browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support, allowing our customer care and financial advisors to reach “through” the screen and be right there alongside our customers, whenever and wherever they need us.

  • Video calls and chats bring savers and investors closer to Renta 4 Banco's network of advisors

    Thanks to Unblu's technology, Renta 4 Banco has enabled its managers to engage with customers via chat, secure messaging, video calls along with a number of collaboration tools that allow them to do their work with customers remotely. 


    The bank's main concern over the last few months has been to protect our investors' assets, and once this objective has been achieved, we now seek to be closer to our clients. We want to be able to offer them the same quality of service that they are used to, even if the channels we have to use are different.

  • Security makes a difference for AON customers

    Completing online forms is a constant for the insurance business - be it for new contract generation or case management. But it can be both tedious and confusing for customers. AON consultants use Co-Browsing right there in the customer's web browser to guide them through the forms, making all the difference.


    The tool is excellent. Data fields with sensitive information are redacted so customers feel that their information is secure.

  • One step ahead of investors

    Hauck & Aufhäuser pay close attention to personal service. The Bionic Robo Advisor from CREALOGIX makes this possible by providing various interfaces. Prospective customers have the opportunity to chat directly with an expert from Hauck & Aufhäuser or to use the co-browsing function for a further discussion.


    Communication technologies open our asset management to a wider audience because they are more efficient than on-site appointments and just as helpful.

  • Temenos Group enabled a high-touch customer interaction

    The market leading software provider partners with banks and financial institutions to transform their businesses and help them stay ahead in a quickly changing industry. More than 2,000 firms across the globe, including 41 of the top 50 banks, rely on Temenos to process the daily transactions of more than 500 million banking customers.


    Unblu forms an integral part of our broader offering for corporate banks and wealth managers, enabling them to achieve the kind of high-touch customer interaction that is essential for retention and growing market share and which was historically only available in branch.

  • Driving adoption and increasing customer satisfaction

    Finastra uses Unblu to deliver a platform to its banking clients, which enables them to deliver 24/7 services which reduce operational costs yet vastly improve customer satisfaction and the advisors ability to serve.


    Unblu's co-browsing is a critical component of Fusion Banking’s goal to increase customer loyalty and provide a clearly superior service in the digital banking age.

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