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Millennial wealth: how to prepare for imminent change


Millennial’s inheritance from Baby Boomers will constitute the largest wealth transfer in history. Discover how to build a value proposition that engages this younger generation and generates productive and meaningful relationships. 

Generational wealth transfers typically result in 90% of “heirs” changing advisor. Millennials, in particular, have different expectations and needs to Boomers. They want financial advice - but delivered differently.

This shifting demographic, along with rapid technological progress and growing competition between providers, poses challenges for finance firms. Developing strategies to overcome these hurdles is a matter of urgency.

Download our free 19-page whitepaper to understand:

  • Who are Millennials? How can we define this generation of consumers? 
  • What do Millennials expect and want from their financial provider? 
  • What challenges do the demands of Millennials pose for financial services? 
  • And what can providers do to better serve Millennial customers?
  1. Women and Wealth

    Women and Wealth

    Women constitute half the planet’s population. This makes them a powerful—albeit diverse—demographic. 80% of global purchasing decisions are already taken or influenced by women and their power is only set to grow.

  2. Digital banking transformation: moving towards an omnichannel reality

    Digital banking transformation: moving towards an omnichannel reality

    An omnichannel digital strategy is the cornerstone of flexible, engaging, and effective customer service. Learn how financial organizations are undertaking and implementing digital transformation today.

  3. Humanize your Digital Customer Service

    Humanize your Digital Customer Service

    Taking care of financial matters is becoming more connected and online. While this technological progress brings greater efficiency, are we in danger of losing the important human element of empathy?

  4. Unblu Conversational Solutions for Brokers
    Fact Sheet

    Unblu Conversational Solutions for Brokers

    Clients who receive a positive experience from your service overwhelmingly turn into your greatest advocates.

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