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Unblu fundamentals for Technical Application Manager and System Administrator

Duration: 1 day
Price: 600 €

Target Audience

This training has been designed for System Admins responsible for integrating Unblu into an existing customer IT landscape.

  1. Demonstration of the Unblu system
  2. Unblu 5 concepts (messenger, chat, conversation, presence, availability, PIN)
  3. Functional Modules explained (Embedded CB, Universal CB, Document CB, Video Chat, LiveChat/LiveView Chat, Messenger)
  4. Unblu architecture insights – understanding the Unblu base components and critical solution elements
  5. Installation options
    1. Cloud
    2. On Premises
      1. WAR + rendering service
      2. Cluster
      3. Secure Flow Manager
    3. Website enabling (snippet) -> describe “smart functionality” (i.e. polling frequency)
    4. Mobile device integration (overview)
    5. Video (Tokbox)
  6. Hands on Installation
    1. “Ute” type installation with on premise example
  7. Configuration and Customisation overview
  8. Integration overview
    1. Unblu JSAPI
    2. Web API
    3. Webhooks
  9. Integration into an existing landscape
    1. Ebanking Environments (i.e. Backbase, Finnova, AFP, Crealogix)
    2. RP/WAF infrastructure & SFM  (Apache / Airlock)
    3. Authentication (SSO, Kerberos, LDAP, IDM)
    4. CRM / Routing Systems
  10. Security Considerations

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