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Video & Voice

Make the most of a conversation with video

Video Chat software provides a personalized service that your clients will appreciate. Our video chat module allows banks and insurance companies to connect with customers in real time to accelerate the sale process in a secure way.

Focus on your customer

Customers appreciate the attentive one-on-one help that video chat offers. Accelerate the sales process by providing personalized service.

Be Personal and Convenient

High-touch is crucial when it comes to financial decisions. Video is the missing link between the convenience of self service and the personal service offered at the branch, saving the customer the trip.

Build relationships

Connect with customers and build rapport on a personal, intuitive channel. Unblu’s Video Chat module makes conversational banking happen. 

Human interaction is critical to success.

Human interaction is critical to success.

Runs on any browser or device

Your customer doesn’t need to install or download any software. It starts with a single click. 

Easily integrates with our Mobile SDK

Unblu’s SDK makes it possible for you to quickly add Video Chat capability your app — for both iOS and Android.

Instant click to call

For when you're having a bad hair day, start a voice call instead.

Secure and compliant communication

Geo-location restricts server-side processing to geographic regions, a real need in the financial industry. Our encrypted video chat solution also includes full session history, call recording and encrypted archiving of the video recordings.

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Take your video conversation to the next level with Unblu features

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Embedded Co-Browsing

Turn self service browsing efforts into a collaborative experience. During a conversation, advisors can use existing websites and documents together with their clients. 

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Universal Co-Browsing

An extra layer of flexibility, Universal Co-Browsing enables participants to navigate to anywhere on the web together.

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Document Co-Browsing

Share documents to guide customers through complex products or proposals, filling out forms or signing contracts together. Everything within the context of your conversation.

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Scheduled Conversations

Become the go to point for clients to discuss or validate financial investments. By adopting a proactive outreach policy through scheduled conversations.

Co-browsing recording enabled

Co-browsing recording enabled

Our conversation recording feature allows you to record all types of co-browsings independently of the support used (desktop, tablet or mobile phone).

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