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Secure Text Messaging

Secure and convenient digital financial advice

Put an advisor in your customer's pocket. 

Communicate on their terms

Asynchronous Messaging lets customers communicate with their relationship manager when it suits them, making it a lot simpler to interact. Provide a WhatsApp like experience whilst keeping control over the storage of the conversations.

Look out for their interests

Instigate and facilitate more conversations based on their personal interests and build rapport.  Unblu’s Secure Text Messaging solution delivers relevant interactions between financial institutions and their clients.

Power up your conversations

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Video & Voice

If you want to discuss face to face, you can always start a video or voice call straight from within the conversation.

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Embedded Co-Browsing

Turn self service browsing efforts into a collaborative experience. During a conversation, advisors can use existing websites and documents together with their clients. 

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Universal Co-Browsing

An extra layer of flexibility, Universal Co-Browsing enables participants to navigate to anywhere on the web together.

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Document Co-Browsing

Share documents to guide customers through complex products or proposals, filling out forms or signing contracts together. Everything within the context of your conversation.

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Keep a record of your conversations

Our conversation recording can record all layers of an exchange  for quality control and compliance purposes.

Why Unblu Secure Messenger

Cloud or on-premises

We support both deployment models. Our financial cloud is fully ISO 27001: 2013 certified and it is compliant with the FINMA Guidelines of Circular 2008/7 and of the SFBC Circular 2005/2 No. 87.

Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile

Unblu uses existing authentication mechanisms already in place in the on-premises infrastructure of the institution.

SSL encryption

All Unblu communication is secured through SSL. On-premises, Unblu is architected to leverage existing security infrastructure (WAFs, Reverse Proxies, authentication, authorization) and functions behind the SSL termination of an e-banking environment.

Secure archiving

Interaction logs along with any message data (text, media, files) of every conversation is stored in the system. Standard APIs expose the information for downstream processing and archiving.

Conversation recording

All communication is handled for fulfilling compliance requirements, including full customer history, call recording, collaboration recording, archiving video sessions and encrypting archives. Conversation records are stored as MP4 files and are available to authorized users only. Records are kept for a year in a secure database or exported into your own infrastructure.

Unblu Secure Messenger  integrates into third-party  messaging solution

Unblu Secure Messenger integrates into third-party messaging solution

Because life can be complex, the text messaging solution you implement should have the ability to connect with customers via their favorite social messaging applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We make it possible with our connectors and external messaging APIs. 

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