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Live chat

Effortless live engagement

Live Chat software enables you to be available and helpful in the moment that customers need help. Resolve issues quickly and provide the kind of customer care that builds trust and converts visitors into customers in real-time.

Chat bot

Ask your visitors for their information before starting a chat. This helps you triage requests and prioritize high-value customers.


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Support and sell

Engage with customers at the right time and convert the sale.

Secure peace-of-mind

Our on-premises or cloud deployments give you complete control over data flow, data storage, security and compliance.


Learn more on security and compliance

Be productive and organized

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Visual troubleshooting

Understand your customer’s context quickly by seeing what they see and proactively offer support to web site visitors.

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Handle multiple conversations

Juggle multiple conversations at once. See who 
is online, who is typing and who's replied—all in real-time

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Personalize your response

Use canned responses to automate without losing that personal touch.

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Session information

An archive of all your customer interactions. Get statistics, share the information by mail, integrate it with your CRM, export it, make it available for customers, or analyze it for a better customer experience.

Learn more about conversation recording

Learn more about conversation recording

View of the recording

Incoming conversation requests from visitors and customers appear in the queue, to wait for an agent to pick it up.

Recording hub

Conversation records are stored as MP4 file and are available to authorized users only. Records are kept for a year in a secure Database or directly retrieved through an S3 bucket. 

Unblu Secure Messenger  integrates into third-party  messaging solution

Unblu Secure Messenger integrates into third-party messaging solution

Because life can be complex, the text messaging solution you implement should have the ability to connect with customers via their favorite social messaging applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We make it possible with our connectors and external messaging APIs. 

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