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Insurance Brokerage at its best – WIFO takes insurance backoffice service personal

WIFO provides insurance brokers with one of the leading online service platforms in the industry.

As a mediator between insurance firms and agents in the field, WIFO ensures that brokers can offer the best possible product to their respective end clients. WIFO is an innovator in the industry, always open to improve customer service through the use of information technology. With 25 years experience in the insurance industry, WIFO has grown to become one of the largest independent players in the German market.

After testing the unblu business line solution, WIFO was quick to implement the service on its relaunched homepage. The homepage also serves as the central access point for all online services provided to its members and thanks to unblu, a WIFO consultant is now not only available over phone, but can also offer Live Chat and Co-Browsing assistance. With this additional service, agents now receive competent help directly in their browser instance – it is literally as if the broker and the agent were sitting side by side using the same screen together. The result: An efficient backoffice, happy agents and end customers who get perfect service.

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