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Innovation in Private Banking

TBM “Innovation and Digital in Private Banking, Wealth and Asset Management” is a leading closed door event for the private banking industry, taking place in London, June 19th and 20th. unblu was invited to present strategies how to utilise existing digital channels to enhance the RM to client interaction.

The Wealth Management industry has been predominately very traditional in the way they interact with clients, define their strategy, and develop processes. The reason lies in a heavily regulated environment and dealing with complex products and clients who prefer outstanding personal service.
The industry is slowly entering the digital age. The gap between customer expectations and traditional offering provides a classic opportunity for new entrants and hence needs to be addressed by the incumbents in the space.
The conference will highlight concepts, strategies and technologies which can help address this strategic challenge. As one of the technology innovators in the banking industry, unblu was selected to present how existing digital channels can be enhanced with unblu´s live collaboration technology, turning self service platforms into truly interactive applications that help banks to personalise and differentiate their services. Find out more at

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