Why Unblu for Financial Services

Unblu’s primary focus is financial services and in this section we explain why we are the preferred conversational platform for the financial institutions.

No installation of software for Customers or Agents

Unblu is completely browser based and works inside the browser without any software installation. Neither the agent nor the end customer need to install any software. There is no liability for the bank with regards to forcing a software installation onto the end customer’s computer. Unblu supports modern versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari together with Safari and Chrome on mobile.

You already know who you’re talking to

Thanks to ID propagation for customers who are authenticated by the bank and insurance companies (inside their online portals), Unblu is aware of the customer ID. This effectively removes the need to pass the customer through a Customer Verification Process to identify them, as is done via traditional telephone banking, for example.

One platform that fits into many customer journeys

The Unblu Platform has been designed to facilitate a seamless customer journey from chat to video and voice, through embedded, universal, document and mobile co-browsing. This is how an in-person interaction works – if a computer is available, neither party feels limited by one view. You use all the views and communication methods needed to make the conversation effective and efficient. It works the same way with Unblu, but digitally, and all while staying compliant. Every function is available to the agent and customer and switching between them could not be easier.

Highly configurable platform for a very demanding industry

Unblu has been designed for the enterprise requirements of banks and financial institutions over 15 years. For that reason the system is highly configurable (we have over 2,000 configuration settings) even at runtime.

We support cross-domain use-cases

Let’s say you have two or more domains that your customers may need to browse on a particular journey, e.g. starting on bank.com and moving to bankwest.com. With Unblu cross-domain setup you can instrument both websites with the same Unblu account and allow sessions to continue from one domain to the other.

See Unblu in action