Why Unblu for Financial Services

Unblu’s primary focus is financial services and in this section we explain why we are the preferred conversational platform for the financial institutions.

Integrating Unblu in your infrastructure without compromising the existing security setup

On-premises deployment

In case of an on-premises deployment, Unblu is integrated behind the Web Application Firewall of the instrumented application and becomes part of the application infrastructure. All methods to secure the e-banking applications such as the WAF intrusion detection mechanisms are kept in place unaltered. Unblu does not require any additional ports to be opened to work.

Secure Co-browsing of applications with protected resources

Many e-banking solutions such as Avaloq, Temenos or Crealogix have protected resources. Unblu provides a standard software component called the SecureFlow Manager which securely captures session specific, protected, and encrypted resources (e.g. CSS, graphic, or image files). This way co-browsing is possible even for highly protected environments.

Mobile co-browsing is restricted to your instrumented banking app

Mobile Data and Browser Data Capturing only ever happens on the app level. The bank never gets to capture any data or output that is generated by the device outside of the instrumented web application or the instrumented mobile application. As an example, when a user changes the view away from the instrumented mobile application, the rendered screen turns black for the agent.

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