Why Unblu for Financial Services

Unblu’s primary focus is financial services and in this section we explain why we are the preferred conversational platform for the financial institutions.

Messages, files, session details… all conversational kept only server-side

Unblu manages and keeps all conversational data and content in a central data storage. Even for the mobile representation, no data is ever kept at the device level as Unblu is using a hybrid mobile architecture. This ensures that the bank can manage all compliance and data discovery from a central repository and can comply with the requirements set forth by the respective banking regulator.

Do you want to make video consultation compliant? We make it possible for you.

Unblu provides a secure and compliant WebRTC based video service (Vonage). Through a combination of proprietary software from Unblu, together with encrypted archiving and geofencing of media-in-flight, Unblu has proven to its banking and financial services customers that we can provide a compliant and reliable video and audio solution.

Deployment options thought through

On-premises: customers have the ability to lock the configuration of a production system

While Unblu is highly configurable and provides the ability to apply dynamic configuration changes, the production configuration can be locked down through configuration files to ensure the bank has a proven audit trail of the system configuration.

In our Financial Cloud: fully compliant

Unblu offers a multi-tenant share cloud with all the security demanded by the financial authorities.

Do you want to exclude data from the co-browsing? With Unblu you can.

By tagging elements of the website Unblu makes it possible to exclude data or skip elements from the capturing process. This way sensitive data is never transmitted from the customer’s browser to the Unblu server. This eliminates the need to include the collaboration server infrastructure in, for instance, a PCI audit.

See Unblu in action