Advice that drives revenue

Unblu’s platform consists of a range of digital products designed to empower wealth managers and advisors to deliver advice that’s more personalized, flexible, and efficient.

We allow financial institutions to

Put an advisor in their client’s pocket

Digital tools like messaging or video call offer customers a choice of communication channel allowing them to speak with their advisor whenever, wherever, and however they want. 

Build a trustworthy relationships with clients

Every conversation is an opportunity to get to know your customers, be helpful, relate to them, and ultimately guide them through their financial decisions.

Leverage the moment of truth

When the moment is right, sit down with your client and walk them through the investment opportunities. When they understand the risk, they are more likely to go for it. 

Increase client’s satisfaction and number of transactions

Technology has the potential to dramatically boost a client’s satisfaction if the right digital tools are used to enhance the customer journey. 

Why Unblu?

  • Ongoing Digital Advice

Don’t limit your client touchpoints to just online meetings. Keep the conversation going and be there for your client with the convenience of secure text messaging.

  • Lead generation and Onboarding

Speed up the closing cycles by adding efficiency to your sales process. Have advisors collaborate with customers around forms, contracts, and documents. Verify the ID of your customers and sign all the required documents in a very natural conversational flow.

  • Secure Online Meeting

Advisors use Unblu’s Conversational Platform to host effective online client meetings that facilitate the building of loyal and meaningful relationships.

  • Support customers effectively

Improve customer satisfaction even when customers are struggling.

Different products for diverse needs

Texting for real-time advice

Secure Messenger and Live Chat permit convenient asynchronous and live communication between clients and advisors as they solve issues in an easy and intuitive way.

Learn more about secure messaging Learn more about live chat

Co-browsing & screen sharing for remote collaboration

Co-browsing and screen-sharing allow the advisor to have more meaningful conversations.  They can deliver expert and personalized information to customers, giving their customers an experience that equals that of a face-to-face meeting.

Learn more about co-browsing Learn more about screen sharing

Video & audio call for personal interaction

Speaking face-to-face immediately instills familiarity. Video call offers similar reassurance but also the greater convenience of remote real-time interaction. Voice call is also an option if a customer prefers. They can choose the communication channel that best suits them.

Learn more about video & audio call

How we are different

Total compliance

Data protection, access to audit trails, masking, encrypted archiving, and geofencing all ensure that Unblu’s conversational tools are compliant with the necessary financial regulations.

Enhanced security

The SecureFlow Manager (SFM) ensures even the most highly secured applications can be safely accessed. Unblu’s technology can also be integrated into existing security set-ups without compromising them.

Innovative technology

Unblu Solutions require no downloads or installations for end users.

Comprehensive usability

Different digital tools can be combined into a single seamless journey, with advisors and customers able to switch smoothly between solutions and channels as necessary.

Flexible integration

On-premise installation is available. Other options are the Unblu Financial Cloud or a dedicated cloud operated by Unblu.

Enhanced efficiency

Unblu’s implementation methodology allows full operationality within a month. Our modular system means you can license some functions now and activate others later, without additional installation projects.

Absolute trust

Unblu has been transforming financial customer service for over ten years, helping more than 150 banks and insurance companies with innovative conversational tools that build trusting and meaningful relationships.

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For secure and efficient online advice and a seamlessly integrated customer experience, choose Unblu.