Please note that this is a work in progress and by no means complete. There is a lot to do to define these personas in a better way.
Customer/Client: I would like to use your services/buy your products, but finding the right product for me or signing up for the right service frustrates me. I probably do not know enough to make an educated decision and consequently will not make a purchase decision now (even though I have the funds and would be willing to buy). Possibly I am also ready to signup to your services, but you are then taking me through some complicated administrative pages where I am not sure about all the entries that I have to make. Since I do not want to make a mistake, I decide that I will not signup now, but rather push the decision out. In a real shop, someone would have explained the products to me and would have made a recommendation. The shop people would also have helped me to get through the paperwork. Can´t I have the comfort of doing things online while enjoying the same level of service as in a real shop?
Shop-owner/Owner: I have invested in my online shop and also into google adwords so that potential clients find me. I am watching the traffic come into my shop thanks to google analytics and other tools and I am also spending quite some money on every click that I sponsor on google. I am seeing good pickup – so that is great. However I also see significant conversion issues. A lot of visitors put things into the shopping basket, but then they do not buy. It looks like they are unsure about buying the right product or not being happy with the shipping cost. Maybe they also think they can get the product cheaper somewhere else. If I could only find a way that I could talk those customers through my offerings to make them comfortable and eventually buy. 
Agent / Advisor: I am getting phone calls and chat messages from customers who are stuck on a specific part of our webpage. You would not believe how hard it is to find out what page they are talking about! Most of the time I am wasting time by explaining something which does not resonate with the client – because they are on a a completely different page. I am measured against the number of calls I manage to do in an hour and how happy customers are. With the tools I have, there is no way to shorten the call length and customers tend to be unhappy as they get frustrated with all the mis-communication….
Advisor: It feels that I am always coming into the conversation when it is already too late to recommend the right product to the client on our webpage. I could drive a lot more revenue, maybe even more variable commission if I only had a way to show the client what I think the should buy and explain all the advantages of the product. We need to find a way to differentiate what we do and not just be the cheapest game in town. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my high street business days. There I could connect to the client, find out what they really need and show them the right product. I really loved it when they came back into the shop because they appreciated my advice the last time and the product did what I told them it would do…..
IT: If folks would only understand how hard it is to manage this convoluted web environment we have. Not only is is complex overall with small applications embedded, running on various content management environments, but we also have a number of external services embedded. It is my job to ensure everything stays up and running so that I can hit my SLAs. I am also getting regular security audits, so that last thing I want is to introduce another variable. I hate it when the business is coming along with yet another great idea and yet another SaaS service that I am then meant to integrate….they just do not understand how hard it is to keep everything in synch, running and safe. 
Online Channel Manager: You would not believe how much money we have spent on technology to make the online channel magically work. All the investment in personalization and optimization where vendors made be believe I could drive a lot more revenue through a/b and multivariate testing. From what I can tell it helps me drive more traffic and follow the flow, but ultimately I need to ramp the revenue and online competition largely seems to be driven just on price. I have a team in customer support answering client inquiries and support request. I wonder whether there is a way that I could utilize those agents and bring the personal touch back into our business. Maybe I can create something that has the reach of an online business, but then the personal touch of a real store. I could then use all that great technology to drive inbound leads and when they are ready for a transaction, that is where we would get personal and show customers what benefits we offer to them. I am sure I could create a great contribution to the bottom line….

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