The Challenge

Online Retail

Online commerce changed the face of Retail Business. Web presences are open 24/7, consumers have complete price transparency and the low cost of logistics create a global market to choose from. Consumer loyalty is hard to gain as switching cost is minimal.  

In the digital age there are only two ways to compete:

Either you are the largest vendor of commodity goods or services and you can offer the best price and still live on the margin you make. 

Or you are creating a service led online model, which gains customer loyalty by selling products based on real time interaction resulting in an understanding of customer needs. In this approach you differentiate your online business through serving the customer best and you will be able to gain loyal clients who value your service as much as they do the products you ship. 

if you are interested to find out how you can develop a service led model, read on. 

The Solution

How unblu can help in Online Retail

With unblu, your online shop becomes the equivalent of a high street store. You can engage with clients using our Live Chat, share documents with them and most importantly you can show them around your shop and explain your offering. Listen to clients' requirements and recommend products just like you would in a real store. Take your clients by the hand (well - by the mouse pointer) and show them the products you are recommending during a co-browsing session. Establish trust and develop a loyal customer base, which will come back to your shop for the service, not the price. In the end, getting the right product as opposed to the cheapest will always be the best priced deal!

The difference to a normal online shop?

Put the personal touch back into an otherwise technical sales process. unblu helps you to re-create the same dynamics which prevail the sales process in a real shop and will allow you to drive the sales process yourself. 

The result?

With unblu, you will be able to help customers find the right product. Thanks to the visual sharing of your website, you can efficiently share your thoughts on the products in your shop and create trust and loyalty. This will help you drive the sale as opposed to just sitting there watching people drop already filled shopping carts. And if you do a good job, your customers will return for more. 

Need inspiration?

Look at examples from our customer list to see how unblu live engagement changes the dynamics of your customer interaction and drives sales. 

Stop shopping cart abandonment

Offer your clients a simple, un-intrusive way to get in touch with you. Many clients do not complete a transaction as they have un-answered questions about a product, payment or shipment detail. Make sure you do not lose those precious opportunities.  

Deliver a unique experience

By taking your clients through your shop and literally showing them around, you can differentiate from anonymous shops without personalized service. Consider this the digital high street experience.

Simple to use

Technology can do wonders, but when it is too hard to use, it will not go anywhere. unblu does not need any download or installation of software. It is so simple to use, client and agent adoption is a breeze. 

  • Ticketportal increased sales conversion rates by giving online customers re-assurance on the quality of their booking

    Ticketportal makes sure you end up in the right seat by using unblu co-browsing as part of the online booking process. As you go through the ticket reservation process, a Ticketportal consultant take jointly view the available seats with you and based on their knowledge of the event location, can make sure that you will get the most of your concert experience. Loyal, returning customers are the result. 

  • Elektro Wandelt minimizes return shipments

    A big problem for German online retailers are the liberal return policies expected by consumers in the marketplace. This leads to high cost of returns incurred by online retailers. Elektro Wandelt minimizes customer returns by assisting clients through unblu co-browsing while filling their shopping carts. So rather than ordering a range of similar products in the expectation to be able to send back the unwanted ones, Wandelt can now ensure the client gets just what they need. 

  • Think Mint minimizes online ordering abandonment

    Think Mint wanted to ensure their reselling partners are placing accurate orders in their online ordering system while ensuring no order gets abandoned. Thanks to the use of unblu, online ordering assistance is now straightforward as Think Mint customer supports jointly fill in the order forms with their retail partners. Miss-shipments and returns are minimized which is crucial to Think Mints business. 

  • Endless Pools minimizes re-work for online orders

    Endless supports their distributors worldwide when using the dealer portal using unblu co-browsing. As an Endless Pool is completely custom built for every client, the online product configuration process is key to customer satisfaction of Endless Pools´ customers. With unblu co-browsing, re-work and miss-shipments can be completely avoided as the distributor and the partner service representative jointly configure the pool to end customer expectation. 


    What Endless Pools had to say: 

    After looking at various solutions for over a year, it’s so nice to have finally found something that actually works!


  • ricardo increases customer satisfaction through efficient client support

    ricardo supports its members for questions around account and deal configuration as well as transaction support through unblu co-browsing. Member service is keeping ricardo ahead of rival ebay in the Swiss market and thanks to unblu client inquiries can be responded to efficiently and with a high quality of service. 

    What ricardo had to say: 

    Thanks to unblu, our support got even closer to our members

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