The Challenge

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is undergoing major transformation: Capital requirements are tightened, margins are under pressure, consumer behavior favors online interactions and new entrants using new business models are challenging the status quo. 

The industry must find new ways to create personal interactions with clients. Routine, self-explanatory activities should be available via self-service. Consumers however, also expect Customer Service and Financial Advice 24/7, seamlessly augmenting digital channels with a personal experience. Essentially it's about personal service where and when your clients need it. 


The Solution

How unblu can help in financial services

unblu enables you to provide a virtual branch rivaling any high-street presence. Leverage every online opportunity to sell, advise, reward and retain utilizing your existing banking infrastructure. Create a compelling customer experience, improving trust and loyalty.

The difference to a retail branch?

Join customers remotely, any time they need assistance in real time using co-browsing, guide them through their transaction while sharing their web browser.

The result?

Friendly and highly efficient service that provides unrivaled levels of customer satisfaction, maximizes revenue and optimizes your cost structure. 

Need inspiration?

Check out examples from our customers and partners  to see how unblu live engagement changed the dynamics of their businesses.  

Optimize your resources

Centralize your customer service staff in a virtual service center, maximize your resources while increasing customer facing competency. Be available to your clients in real-time.  

Meet regulatory standards 

unblu has highly sophisticated security features specifically designed for the financial services industry. It allows you to utilize your security infrastructure and retain all customer information within the perimeter of your institution leaving you to focus on the business outcome, not the regulatory challenges.

Simple to use

Technology can do wonders, but only when its easy to use. unblu does not need any download or installation of software. It is so simple to use, and intuitive for both agents and visitors.

  • UBS reduces call center phone calls and teaches clients how to use the online banking system.

    UBS wanted a cost effective way to reduce the length of service inquiries for its online banking offering. unblu co-browsing reduces the average handling time especially for complex calls and increases customers satisfaction. UBS uses unblu co-browsing in 5% of all inbound service calls.


    What UBS had to say:

    Our support staff can no longer imagine what life would be like without co-browsing

  • ZKB reduced call center calls by 50%.

    The ZKB customer service center was running at capacity as the average support call length was constantly increasing. Especially with the older generation, customer satisfaction when having to go through a long support call to execute a simple transaction was going down. With the introduction of co-browsing, ZKB managed to support customers visually at the very page they got stuck and managed to reduce average call duration by 50%.


    What ZKB had to say:

    Using unblu since 2011, our customer experience has increased significantly. We have reduced average call duration by 50% while improving customer satisfaction!

  • Millenium Bank introduced an online service level that rivals their high-street branches

    Bank Millenium, a leading nationwide universal bank in Poland, offers traditional banking with a modern twist. The bank constantly strives to lead the market via a network of branches, individual advisors and via electronic banking. Offering an online service which offers the same personal level of service as the branch office, is a key ingredient to the online expansion of the bank.


    What Millenium had to say:

    Providing the same level of personalized service and advice to our clients online as we do in our retail branches is essential to our business success. With its live customer engagement solutions, unblu has become a strategic partner in delivering an online experience, that truly rivals our branch based services.

  • Komerční banka improves cross/up sell while lowering cost to serve

    KB is serving 1.6 million customers in Central and Eastern Europe. A key goal for the bank is to differentiate its offerings through unrivalled customer support and financial advice. Through the use of unblu co-browsing, the bank humanizes the digital channel, turning a self service vehicle into a source of additional revenue.


    What KB had to say:

    As a key part of our digital banking initiatives, unblu Co Browsing has enabled us to provide unrivalled customer support, effectively allowing our customer care and financial advisors to reach out through the screen to be right there alongside our customers, whenever and where-ever they need us

  • Comdirect completes portfolio of 24/7 personal banking services

    With approximately 200 million page impressions a month, is one of Germany’s most heavily used financial websites. The bank is a recognized leader in online banking market in Germany. Thanks to unblu co-browsing, the comdirect customer service representative can review complex product offerings, such as mortgages, together with the client. This approach saves time and grows revenues especially from complex product offerings.

  • MISYS incorporated unblu into its FusionBanking offering to drive adoption of the platform services and increase customer satisfaction

    MISYS provides the broadest portfolio of financial services software on the market, serving more than 2000 customers across 130 countries. By integrating unblu into its digital banking platform, MISYS generates a highly compelling visual experience in conjunction with the advisor´s narrative. FusionBanking uses unblu to deliver a platform to its banking clients, which enables them to deliver 24/7 services which reduce operational costs yet vastly improve customer satisfaction and the advisors ability to serve.


    What MISYS had to say:

    unblu co-browsing is a critical component in FusionBanking´s goal of increasing customer loyalty and providing a clearly superior service in the Digital Banking age.

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