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Using the WhatsApp Business API for Financial Services: Everything you need to know

  1. Introduction:

    • Conversational Banking and the Unblu Suite

    • The Unblu Messenger

    • The case for the integration of external messaging services

  2. External Messaging Integration with specific Focus on WhatsApp

    • Overview of the Nexmo Messaging Services

    • The Nexmo / Facebook relationship explained

    • The Registration Process for a new Account and the messaging templates (incl. timelines)

    • The Logic how messages can be sent (templates), how customers can respond and how messages will be charged

      1. The Architecture

        • Advantages of using the Nexmo Service for WhatsApp Messaging (running the endpoint on behalf of the client)

        • Where are data persisted in this architecture; How is GDPR handled? What is the potential impact of the US Cloud Act?

        • Redaction: What it is and how it works

        • Comparison: Capabilities of the native API compared to the Nexmo API

      2. Pricing and billing

  3. Demo of a Nexmo based WhatsApp integration into Unblu

  4. Wrap up and QA

Presented by

Jens Rabe

COO at Unblu

Hugh Hopkins

Hugh Hopkins

Product Manager at Nexmo

Reda Haidar

Account Manager at Nexmo