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What's new in Unblu 5?

Join Unblu’s Chief Operating Officer Jens Rabe as he explains the new capabilities and features of Unblu 5. In a nutshell, it’s more flexibility and simplicity in a fail-safe security environment. It’s also a big boost to the user experience, particularly for the client-advisor relationship.

What’s new in Unblu 5?

  • Secure Messenger (SM) elevates live engagement to full engagement, leveraging the existing security environment and authorization process so that the client provides personal information once only. SM features also fulfill compliance requirements for documenting customer communication.
  • Modal dialogues and pop-ups are consolidated within the conversational interface,  so that all requests for customer approvals and information gathering are now embedded within one conversation with the client.
  • The new Concierge service welcomes client with an onboarding BOT, using a conversational interface. The BOT asks the client for their name and email, and navigates the client through terms of service, and acceptance of the terms. This streamlines the process and saves the agent time and effort.
  • Enhancements to the Secure Flow Manager (SFM) offer more options for deployment without compromising the overall architecture and security.  SFM is Unblu’s proprietary software component that is unique to the industry. It ensures highly secured applications such as banking apps are safely accessed and co- browsed, with no compromise to security and data confidentiality.


During the webinar, Jens covers all the new Unblu 5 features and capabilities and takes the viewer through a demo. Find out more about how Unblu is leading the way forward using the latest in digital innovation to transform the online banking experience.


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Jens Rabe

COO at Unblu