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Unblu clustering: scalable by design

In this 60-minutes webinar, we explain how to deploy Unblu 5 as a clustered environment using OpenShift as container-orchestration system, and Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

This new cluster set up is designed to help you scale an Unblu environment to keep pace with the growth of collaborative interactions between Client Advisors and End Customers. It brings added benefits in that it offers shorter application development cycles, allows to automatically scale capacity against demand and lowers overall cost of operations. This webinar has been designed for technical profiles and project managers.

The topics of this webinar:

  • Introduction to Unblu 5 its changing volumetric model
  • Introduction to OpenShift & Kubernetes
  • Design of a clustered Unblu environment on OpenShift
  • Hands-on Demonstration Q&A

Presented by

Matthias Amberg

Matthias Amberg

Senior Java Developer at Unblu