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The power of Messaging in Customer Service

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Implement the right messaging strategy to multiply your contact center’s efficiency and boost your top line. 

Contact centers: A necessary expense – or source of revenue?

Many retail banks consider the contact center to be a necessary expense. And this minimum-viable-service mindset often leads to a less-than-exceptional customer experience.

But, instead of considering contact centers to be an unavoidable drain on funds, what happens if we invest in ensuring a top customer experience?

According to a recent Forrester report, “Money On The Table: Proof That Customer Service Drives Revenue,” this approach can transform support inquiries into revenue-generating conversations. 

Join us for our upcoming webinar to explore how digital engagement channels (with a focus on messaging) can drive efficiency and personalization to maximize sales – even with a large volume of inbound requests. 

Webinar breakdown

The webinar will follow a dynamic approach, guiding attendees to gain deeper insight into the following topics: 

Messaging tools as a lever for growth

Featuring actionable use cases focused on sales and support, we will explore good practices to implement a successful messaging strategy.

Unblu and AI 

Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in driving efficiency in a messaging context. Discover Unblu’s approach to AI powered by HI. 

Unblu Conversational Engagement Platform 

See the power of Unblu’s Conversational Engagement Platform for yourself with a messaging deep dive to explore:

  • Call deflection with bots and Live Chat.
  • Asynchronous messaging: secure conversations that sell.
  • SMS and WhatsApp: provide a secure omnichannel experience.

Business value insights

Finally, discover first hand the real-world impact messaging can have with results from existing Unblu customers. 

Presented by

Jeremy Barnes

Jeremy Barnes

RVP Services NA at Unblu