Exponential Banking: the revolution in financial services

Recorded Thursday 18 October 2018 15:00 CEST

How is exponential technology transforming the banking sector? Join co-hosts Ignasi Barri (GFT), Ricardo Elizo (GFT) and Patrik Hug (unblu) for insight and discussion into how the sector is evolving with technology.

Exponential technology has ushered in a new era that is being referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. We’re now seeing how exponential technology such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing can vastly improve the customer experience in banking. These technologies offer the financial industry an opportunity to transform their business models and meet the emerging needs and demands of their customers.


Introduction by Patrik Hug

Ignasi Barri explains the critical aspects of exponential banking, with a focus on augmented banking

Ricardo Elizo presents success stories of technology implementation at several banks

Q&A moderated by Patrik Hug  

Ignasi Barri GFT

Ignasi Barri. Business Development and Innovation Director at GFT

Ignasi Barri works on business development and innovation around digital transformation at GFT. He has over ten years of experience working in R&D and creating new value propositions for the banking industry.  

His current responsibilities include building innovative solutions to banking’s challenges by applying exponential technologies such as machine learning, mobile and cloud computing, the blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, among others, all while employing a design-led approach. To accomplish these goals, he leads multidisciplinary teams that range from designers, data scientists, and full stack developers, as well as start-ups, to help accelerate the market adoption of new solutions.


Ricardo Elizo-GFT

Ricardo Elizo. Digital Innovation Sales Director at GFT

Ricardo Elizo leads a team of experts on the digitisation of the banking sector, which closely follows the latest trends in Digital Banking and advises GFT clients around the world on the best way to integrate them into their daily operations. Since joining GFT in 2001, he has been working with large international banks in projects covering channels optimisation (branches, online banking, mobile banking and CRM), Data Storage, BI, and Front and Back Office Optimisation, among others.

Presented by

Ignasi Barri and Ricardo Elizo

Ignasi Barri and Ricardo Elizo

Financial Services Innovation at GFT

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