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Conversational Engagement: Can secure & compliant messaging seriously impact revenue?

Compliant messaging that’s convenient

Clients increasingly prefer to communicate with their wealth management advisors via messaging apps. However, the distinctly mobile-first experience that they crave can be difficult to deliver, particularly when firms are faced with regulatory barriers.

The Unblu’s Secure Messenger offers an enhanced messaging experience across channels, without limitations. Advisors can rest assured that their interactions are secure and compliant with communication-recording regulations, while clients interact in the manner that they prefer.

Yet, beyond being a desirable feature, there are broader, long-term benefits to providing a convenient, flexible, and compliant omnichannel communication solution. This is known as conversational engagement.

Within this webinar we discuss the overarching role that conversational engagement plays in the private banking and wealth management sectors – and how the Unblu Secure Messenger can empower advisors to accelerate AUM growth.

You will learn:

  • How to manage a WhatsApp channel and understand the limitations
  • The role conversational engagement can play in lowering churn and increasing trust and loyalty.
  • How to offer clients convenience, while remaining compliant.
  • The key features of the Unblu Conversational Engagement Platform.

Presented by

Jens Rabe

Jens Rabe

Chief Operating Officer at Unblu

Jeremy Barnes

Jeremy Barnes

RVP Services - North America at Unblu