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Wealth Management Firms Accelerate Digital Investments to Power Hybrid CX

How to become more hybrid through digital innovation and client-obsessed precision

Research carried out by Forrester shows that the client landscape has been drastically altered by COVID-19. The vast majority of clients surveyed are more willing to put their trust in human advice—but firms are simultaneously facing new demands around service capacity and heightened convenience.

In this context, leading firms are finding ways to fuse the best of digital and human capabilities. Many are reinventing their sales models through hybrid client engagement, leveraging innovative technologies such as messaging apps, advanced data retrieval, and AI capabilities. Such a shift presents a central challenge for firms today: building a digital ecosystem that augments the delivery of human-centric wealth management.

Forrester’s latest insights paint a clear picture of cutting-edge CX: it takes client preferences as a directive, and prioritizes a hybrid, omnichannel delivery model. To make it happen, knowing your customer and knowing your business have never been more important.

Download the full report to understand:

  • The landscape of client preferences today—and how they are clustered around different financial tasks.
  • How leading firms have expanded digital delivery while keeping services human.
  • Actionable insights for implementing a hybrid CX strategy that is tailored to your firm.
  • Tools for identifying high-value customer journeys and getting your strategic priorities sorted.
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