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The State of Digital Banking 2022

The trends and technologies to know about

The past few years have been a battleground for business survival—but a playground for innovative disruptors. The complex external shocks felt by financial institutions throughout the pandemic and economic downturn have been matched by developments in digital and tech, setting business transformation as the standard for lasting success.

In 2022, the frontrunners in banking have already made this a priority. However, when it comes to defining and executing a transformation strategy, many banks have a long way to go. While 71% of US adults with a bank account use online banking at least once a month, only a third of global purchase influencers at financial institutions are actively prioritizing digital business as a high or critical priority for the next year. Such a widespread digital delay is starting to leave banking audiences feeling isolated, redirecting their attention towards providers who are dominating the digital banking space.

The need for rapid digital transformation is clear—but many financial institutions are still in the dark about how to make it happen. Drawing on a deep investigation into the state of digital banking today, Forrester’s latest report suggests that committing to a future-forward technology strategy now is the ace up banks’ sleeves. Forrester’s latest report uncovers the key dynamics, demographics and disruptors to know about in digital banking. Learn what banks are doing, what they’re not doing, and identify the opportunities for future-proofing your organization’s offering.

Download the 17-page Forrester report to understand:

  • How today’s consumers prefer to interact with their banks, from financial advice to payment processes.
  • Which new players, CX innovations and technologies are disrupting the industry landscape.
  • The common obstacles to digital transformation and what other institutions are doing about it.
  • The immediate steps that banks must take to launch their digital transformation journeys—and keep them on the right track.
  1. Pax Insurance - Enhancing Hybrid Consulting
    Case Study

    Pax Insurance - Enhancing Hybrid Consulting

    Pax Insurance, a leading Insurance provider in Switzerland has selected Unblu to support them in enhancing both its direct sales and broker network strategy.

  2. The 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook

    The 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook

    Based on observations, events and stats from the forefront of private banking, Unblu’s 2022 Digital Wealth Management Outlook offers a roadmap to help strategists and executives orient their teams in uncharted territory.

  3. Thinking outside the bots

    Thinking outside the bots

    Customers definitely want the convenience of digital and omnichannel banking, but they also want personal interaction.

  4. Humanise your Digital Member Experience

    Humanise your Digital Member Experience

    As mutual organisations, building societies claim to be member-centric. However, most have yet to prioritise meaningful interactions with their members, limiting their ability to create a member experience that builds trust and loyalty.

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