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The State of Digital Banking: how to prepare for the future of banking


Following the disruption of COVID-19 and forced to explore online banking, many consumers have shown a new interest in their bank’s digital capabilities. Yet the majority of banks are failing to meet these evolving customer expectations. 

Meanwhile, fintech firms and tech giants, with their speedier and cheaper services, represent a direct and unprecedented source of competition. 

Forrester’s report The State of Digital Banking demonstrates that more and more consumers are interested in digital and omnichannel banking services and disruptors are raising the benchmark for innovative online experiences. 

How can banks confront these new rivals? Why has digital transformation suddenly become so necessary? And what’s holding banks back from embracing change? 

Forrester’s report includes recommendations for those ready to develop a new value proposition—one that meets the needs of customers of the future. The financial landscape is evolving rapidly. How can you keep up with the pace of change? 

Download our free Forrester whitepaper to find out more about:

  • Consumer communication preferences for digital banking.
  • Examples of digital experiences disrupting the financial industry.
  • Banking’s biggest obstacles to digital transformation.
  • Forrester’s recommendations for banks to get up to speed with current trends.
  1. The State of Digital Insurance

    The State of Digital Insurance

    With the onset of 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, the mass migration to digital services came to define customer preferences—and insurance was no exception.

  2. Global Private Banking Trends

    Global Private Banking Trends

    Today’s private banking clientele want their advisor interactions to be augmented by digital capabilities—but this must be done strategically. So, how can banks take meaningful action guided by changing the landscape of client preferences?

  3. From Surviving to Thriving: Digital Customer Engagement beyond Video Conferencing

    From Surviving to Thriving: Digital Customer Engagement beyond Video Conferencing

    A key challenge for financial services providing customer or client advisory has been ensuring a smooth digital migration – are they adequately served by existing video solutions?

  4. A humanized digital member experience for credit unions
    Fact Sheet

    A humanized digital member experience for credit unions

    Unblu’s credit union clients are combining the best of online self-service and traditional communication methods, bringing a much-needed human touch to digital member interactions.

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