Fact Sheet

PSD2: Impact on customer experience, self-service and collaboration solutions

Banks must build bridges between faceless online self-service systems and traditional communication methods in order to have a direct and positive effect on customer satisfaction, sales conversion, and customer loyalty.

What are the challenges?

  • With PSD2, Banks can no longer rely on and leverage that customer data is uniquely theirs.
  • A greater emphasis on a customer-centric approach is now essential.
  • Improving customer experience often involves starting from the ground up and requires significant investment and change.

Download this paper to discover how new technologies will allow you to compete and differentiate through offering a superb customer experience.

  1. The Role of the Financial Advisor
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    The Role of the Financial Advisor

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  2. unblu 5 Product Guide
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    unblu 5 Product Guide

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    unblu Suite: Advisory Use Case

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    unblu Suite Overview

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