Unblu fundamentals for Technical Application Manager and System Administrator

Duration: 1 day
Price: 600 €

Target Audience

This training has been designed for System Admins responsible for integrating Unblu into an existing customer IT landscape.

  1. Introduction:
    • Conversational Banking and the Unblu Suite
    • The Unblu Messenger
    • The case for the integration of external messaging services
  2. External Messaging Integration with specific Focus on WhatsApp
    • Overview of the Nexmo Messaging Services
    • The Nexmo / Facebook relationship explained
    • The Registration Process for a new Account and the messaging templates (incl. timelines)
    • The Logic how messages can be sent (templates), how customers can respond and how messages will be charged
      • The Architecture
        • Advantages of using the Nexmo Service for WhatsApp Messaging (running the endpoint on behalf of the client)
        • Where are data persisted in this architecture; How is GDPR handled? What is the potential impact of the US Cloud Act?
        • Redaction: What it is and how it works
        • Comparison: Capabilities of the native API compared to the Nexmo API
      • Pricing and billing
  3. Demo of a Nexmo based WhatsApp integration into Unblu
  4. Wrap up and QA

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