Collaborative Customer Interfaces for regulated industries

Assist clients, visualize complex processes, shorten interactions, boost customer satisfaction and sales with our enterprise product. 

The evolution of self service – personalised assistance.

Self-service is excellent for simple transactions that are self-explanatory. When conducting more complex transactions however, this can become a challenge. unblu co-browsing ensures there is always an expert by your side assisting you through the transaction.

  1. Co-browse

    Avoid confusion by co-browsing with an agent allowing for personalized product & service suggestions and efficient personal assistance.

  2. No downloads or special software needed

    unblu requires no download or plugin and can be initiated anywhere on a website. Assistance is available instantly. Every modern browser is supported out of the box.

  3. Secure

    The agent only helps you within your browser. No access to your desktop or other data on your device is possible. You remain in complete control of the interaction.

Turn a cost center into a profit center.

Leverage every online opportunity to sell, advise, reward and retain utilizing your existing banking infrastructure. Create a compelling customer experience, improve trust and loyalty.

  1. Join

    Help customers at the moment when they require help. Join them using co-browsing, guide them through their issue and increase propensity to recommend.

  2. Compliant

    Supporting clients in online transactions has to be secure. With unblu there are fields and functions only the client can see and use. Agents can assist without any legal exposure – just like in a real in-person meeting.

  3. Integrate

    Enterprises have a defined corporate identity and an existing system landscape. unblu can be adjusted to integrate into existing customer care environments and the visual appearance can be adjusted to meet corporate guidelines. Make it your unblu, agents will not even notice it is a new system. 


Your challenge is to increase online revenue whilst developing a strong customer relationship.

Your online channel will rival every retail outlet. You can deploy expert sales teams to provide personalised customer service at a low cost. You can visually consult your clients online as good or even better as in an in-person meeting. Higher sales conversion at low sales cost will be your reward.

  1. Multi Device

    unblu works on every device with a browser:- PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone – helping you create a consistent customer service across all devices.

  2. Simple to use

    unblu requires minimal training. Our functionality is so intuitive, both customers and agents love it in no time.

  3. Branding & API

    Too good not to appear under your branding? No problem – our APIs allow you to build your own visual experience.

Doing business over the web is great – what about security and liability?

unblu allows you to build collaborative customer experiences using co-browsing technology without compromising security or performance. unblu integrates into your Application Delivery Controller / Web Application Firewall infrastructure and does not require a download of any kind. 

  1. No download

    unblu is purely web based. Neither client nor agents need to download anything for it to work. No download – no security risk, no liability.

  2. Secure

    unblu is fully integrated into your security infrastructure and delivers co-browsing as part of your web application. No new communication channels or ports, hence no need to re-audit.

  3. Compliant

    unblu is made for regulated enterprises. You control which actions are available to your agents, making sure transactions are only triggered by customers and sensitive fields are only visible to clients.

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