Web Customer Service for every business

Help solve issues, understand customer needs, create a relationship, make an impression, & boost sales with our starter, teams and performance products. 

The web offers an overwhelming number of online stores that all look the same.

Finding the right product or service can be a challenge and consumes a lot of time. With unblu, customers can now get competent advice online, previously only experienced in high street stores. Agents can show you around the webshop as if it was a real store.

  1. No downloads or special software needed

    With unblu an agent can help you instantly. There is no download of any software nor any special plugins nor Java required. Every modern browser is supported out of the box.

  2. Assistance in the customers browser window

    With unblu you only share your browser window and you see exactly what the agent sees. Agents have no access or visibility to your screen or desktop. It is totally safe and complies with data privacy standards.

  3. No reason for cart abandonment

    With unblu an agent can join you where you are – and you do not even lose the content of your shopping cart when entering into a collaborative session.

Online customer service can be cumbersome.

Long email exchanges, unproductive chat sessions and telephone calls that make it hard to guide the customer to the right webpage. With unblu you can now take your prospect by the hand, lead them through the online shop, make the conversion to a sale and above all leave a lasting impression.

  1. Show

    Invite a client to a web page of your choice. Show them around using co-browsing and make your point.

  2. Join

    Help customers on the very page they get stuck. Join them using co-browsing, solve the issue and become a sales hero.

  3. Live Chat

    Engage with clients the easy way. First you just chat to build a sense of the question, then you show them around using co-browsing.

  4. Share

    Exchanging information contained in documents was never easier – simply click on the document and view together in the browser window. You can also download the shared document from within the application. 

Your biggest expense is a lead that does not convert.

And this is what we help fix. With unblu online businesses can increase their sales conversion by offering high street level of service over the web. If your webpage can be read by a browser, it will be compatible with unblu. unblu is literally integrated within minutes. Stop competing on price, start competing on service and boost your revenue.

  1. No download

    unblu is purely web based. Neither client nor agents need to download anything for it to work. Go and shine immediately.

  2. Multi Device

    unblu works on every device with a browser. PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone – you name it.

  3. Secure

    unblu is a secure application, which allows your customers to decide what they want to share and what they want to protect.

  4. Simple to setup

    unblu is integrated in your web page in minutes. Just place a piece of code on your website page template and start pleasing customers.

  5. Simple to use

    unblu hardly needs any training for agents. We kept our interface clean and simple.

  6. Compatible

    If your webpage can be read by a contemporary browser, unblu co-browsing will work on it as well. Promise.

  7. Branding & API

    Too good not to appear under your branding? No problem – our powerful APIs allow you to build your own visual experience.

  8. Analytics

    Measuring what is going on is half the battle. We provide you with the necessary insight.

  9. Value for Money

    At the cost other solutions charge for Live Chat only, we give you the complete solution to engage and visually interact with clients. That´s what we call a good deal.

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