Unblu is software that helps you interact with your customers like never before

  1. Co-browse

    Co-browsing is a bit like screen sharing, but it’s limited to the browser and requires no download. With unblu co-browsing showing customers around your website is quick and easy.

  2. Live chat

    Use live chat to get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction.

  3. Browse Documents and Public Websites

    Send and share documents, look at any public website together like if you were in the same room, but without the travel.

  4. Video Chat

    With video chat you can make a lasting impression on clients and facilitate processes which require video identification

    What used to be your website now becomes your virtual branch office

  1. No download

    unblu is purely web based. Neither client nor agents need to download anything for it to work. Go and shine immediately.

  2. Simple to use

    unblu requires minimal training. Our functionality is so intuitive, both customers and agents love it in no time.

  3. Cloud or on premise

    unblu is available both as a cloud service and as an on premise installation. Whatever your preference, we´ll fit the bill.

  1. Seamless experience, custom integration

    Our enterprise line is the right solution for companies wanting to create a multi user web experience for their web applications. unblu enterprise creates a completely seamless visitor experience while ensuring tight security and compliance. Available in the cloud or on premise.

    unblu for enterprise
  2. Instantly available, any website

    Our business line is the right solution for medium sized firms or departments. It provides a cloud based customer engagement platform which needs almost no integration effort and that is compatible with literally any website. Our starter, teams and performance products are part of the business line. 

    unblu for business

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