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Total flexibility for delivering digital advice

Unblu is more than a chat icon that sits on your website, or a siloed video meeting solution. Unblu is a complete embeddable Conversational Platform designed for financial services.

Floating UI

Floating UI

This is the traditional chat. This modality is widely used if you want to offer support throughout the customer's or prospect's navigation. 

Embedded into the Journey

Embedded into the Journey

Define when and where Unblu channels should be displayed on your e-banking, customer portal, web site, or mobile app allowing you to match your clients' willingness to engage.



Do you want to have a page where your customer can have access to all conversations? Merge all your existing channels and integrate Unblu to serve as secure e-mail functionality within your e-banking or customer portal.

Some inspiration

    Redefine the way you interact with clients and prospects on your existing channels

    In addition to the chat button, you can embed Unblu into your existing applications where and when it makes sense.

    Example 1 - High Drop Rate

    Do you have a high drop rate during the second step in your application for opening an account?  In the second step of your application page, integrate Unblu to make sure clients know they can directly contact the support or advisory team.

    Example 2 - New Service

    Launching a new online investment service? To increase your conversion rate, make sure clients understand the offer and how to apply for it: Embed Unblu window and offer a direct line to your advisory team to get them started on your new high-value service.

    Leverage Unblu to support your Secure Mailbox service

    Manage all client request through one tool 

    When you replace your Secure Mailbox service with Unblu, all incoming client requests will be centrally managed on Unblu.

    Merge your channels, merge your teams

    As a result, efficiency increases as all agents within the support team will be able to respond to all types of customer inquiries, independent of their point of origin (chat, secure mail…)

    Simplify your IT architecture

    Leveraging the Unblu embedded UI as well as extended functionalities provided by your CRM provider will enable you to remove redundant systems.

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