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Wealth Dynamix
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Client Lifecycle Management CLM
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About Wealth Dynamix

Wealth Dynamix is a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology platforms for the world’s largest private banks, wealth and asset management firms, and mid-size discretionary fund and investment managers. Our mission is to help these firms to grow AuM, streamline operational processes, remain compliant and deliver innovative client service.

Founded in 2012 by wealth management technology experts, Wealth Dynamix is a privately owned company that recognised three key challenges: there is too much friction and inefficiency throughout the client lifecycle, compliance is an ongoing trial and digitising the client onboarding journey takes time and specialist expertise to get right.

Wealth Dynamix was borne out of a desire to solve these challenges with intelligent technology, to orchestrate journeys throughout the client lifecycle and significantly enrich client experience.

Key features

As the only end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) provider, client life cycle management solution is truly transformational.

We capture every data point and every touch point in a client’s journey to create a 360-degree view of the client lifecycle. From prospecting and onboarding through to relationship management and client servicing.

The intelligent analysis of this data produces actionable insights into client preferences at various stages of their relationship, empowering advisers to make the right recommendations at the right time.

All elements of the client review are orchestrated, and by having a single, consolidated, 360-degree client view, firms can increase speed and efficiency. Data and documents are updated via self-service portals and automated screening is conducted using specialist KYC tools.

This means organisations using our CLM technology can instantly identify significant opportunities to grow revenue, boost operational efficiencies and deepen their client relationships – all day, every day.


Wealth Dynamix partnered with Unblu to integrate a secured conversational multi-channel platform to our Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution as a new way to engage with our high net worth end-clients or prospects, regardless of whichever stage of the client lifecycle. This integration allows clients’ needs to be at the heart of any digital strategy and this partnership will considerably improve communications and right-in time advice for the wealth management sector.

This partnership with Unblu enables users of Wealth Dynamix Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution to:

  • Respond to queries from potential prospects via this secured and real-time digital platform
  • Share and receive documents from clients in a convenient and secured manner
  • Allow relationship managers to contact and respond to their clients via multi-channels and in real time
  • Allow wealth management firms to support and service their clients via their client’s preferred mode and channel of communication
  • Have a seamless, digital internal collaboration tool between internal users to track and log all conversations for audit purposes

Gary Linieres, CEO and Co-founder of Wealth Dynamix

Our partnership with Unblu is perfect for us because Wealth Dynamix makes available to advisors, all the information about a particular client, and Unblu provides the necessary communication and collaboration tools to have a secured and real-time digital relationship between client and advisor. Like Luc and his team at Unblu, we have that same vision that clients need to be at the heart of any digital strategy and this partnership will improve communications and right-in time advice for the wealth management sector.