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Jack Henry-Banno Local banking for the digital world.
Category Banking front-ends
Territory Worldwide
Multichannel Banking
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About Jack Henry-Banno

Jack Henry’s Banno Digital Banking Suite provides best-in-class apps that support a mobile-first strategy and provide a holistic approach that modernizes the digital channel and seamlessly supports its near- and long-term growth.

Banno enables the entire digital channel to be efficiently managed from a single platform while enhancing virtually every aspect of the rapidly growing channel – from user experience and engagement to dynamic content management, state-of-the-industry security, data-driven digital marketing, and more.


Through the integration, via the Banno Digital Toolkit, Unblu is making its conversational platform available within the Banno Digital Banking Platform™, enabling financial institutions to provide their customers with a humanized and holistic digital in-person experience. Unblu will offer Jack Henry customers a seamless and easy-to-configure platform that allows them to text, talk and collaborate securely with their clients on a human level, to deliver meaningful experiences, such as advice or support via their existing digital channels.