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About Calenso

Calenso enables online appointments between you and your customers for individual appointments, group bookings or resources. The intelligent tool not only calculates all free appointments by comparing several calendars, but of course also reminds your customers of upcoming appointments.

  • Individual and group bookings. You determine your journey, we make it bookable online. Calenso can cover a wide range of needs.
  • Multilingual booking processes. Your customer can change the language of the widget at the bottom by clicking on the corresponding flag. The booking widget automatically adopts the language of the browser in which the customer is located. You can define a default language if the browser language was not recognized or if it is not available in Calenso.
  • Calendar synchronization. Calenso has an excellent algorithm for calculating appointments. With the possibility of connecting external calendars, it makes an automatic comparison with all your calendars and appointments. This function prevents double bookings and idle times.


The integration between Unblu and Calenso has been tested and is already in production at numerous customers. Swiss insurers Sanitas and Helvetia use this system to increase the number of meetings between clients and agents. 

The integration is done by using the Unblu Web API and integrating the Calenso widget on the customer's website. 

Sample integration in the Unblu demo environment


01. Select the advisor


Book a meeting Unblu and Calenso

02. Select the slot


Select the slot Unblu and Calenso

03. Complete the data and create the appointment