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Category Technology
Territory Switzerland
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About Airlock

Ergon is a Swiss leader in leveraging digitalisation to create unique and effective client benefits, from conception to market, the result of which is the international distribution of globally revered products. We combine our extensive technological, security and business experience to design “smart” solutions from complex requirements. Anticipating tech trends, Ergon’s highly-qualified experts develop and deploy user- friendly, custom software, as well as proven, off-the-shelf products, for many industries, worldwide.


Airlock WAF


Within the secure access hub, Airlock WAF acts as a central reverse proxy for all HTTPS connections and protects against web attacks.

Airlock WAF works in conjunction with Airlock IAM to ensure secure session management while serving as a policy enforcement point for authentication and authorisation decisions

  • Filtering (Attack blocking)
  • Fraud detection
  • Threat Intelligence 
  • Rapid deployment – DevSecOps
  • Reporting & monitoring
  • SIEM integration
  • Virtual patching
  • Load balancing
  • Learning Mode for easier administration
  • MS applications


Unblu integrates its SecureFlow Manager into the Airlock WAF, very extended into the Swiss financial industry. 

Airlock Secure Access Hub
Airlock is a central hub for secure access management in a digitised world. The secure access hub is a consolidated all-in-one solution combining a web application firewall, API security and a customer identity and access management including two-factor authentication.