Weko-Sanitärshop differentiates through personal online service

Weko Sanitärshop provides a specialist online shop for sanitary and heating equipment founded in 2010. The company prides itself on superior customer service, selling quality products at competitive prices. 

The introduction of unblu co-browsing is the logical continuation of the service based sales strategy pursued by founder and CEO Klaus Ohnemus. "In a market where prices are fully transparent, you can only win by ensuring the customer is getting the right product, not the cheapest" Mr. Ohnemus said when asked about the strategy of his company. Mr. Ohnemus was especially impressed by the fact that the integration of unblu into the Strato Webshop used by the company took a mere 30 minutes. The integration was done without technical personal, using the available editing tools inside the shop administrative environment.

The integration of unblu into our online shop was amazingly simple. The integration and configuration was done within just 30 minutes.

Klaus Ohnemus, CEO Weko Sanitärshop

Thanks to unblu, Weko is now consulting clients from all over Europe directly within the browser environment. With this Weko can now explain specific use cases, recommend auxiliary products and generate happy, recurring customers.

How can we help?

Chat with us and we will take you through our site!

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