Streamlined customer satisfaction through co-browsing

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Endless Pools introduces co-browsing support for their dealer portal.

For over 25 years, Aston, Pennsylvania based Endless Pools has sold more than 20,000 pools to people of all ages and athletic abilities, from octogenarians to Olympians, for swimming, exercise, therapy and fun. Endless Pools feature the smoothest current available for custom pools.

Manufactured in the United States, Endless Pools meet the highest standards for safety, durability and quality.

After looking at various solutions for over a year, it’s so nice to have finally found something that actually works!

Steve Weintraut, Director of Information Technology, Endless Pools

Endless Pools uses unblu to support their distributors within their dealer portal application. This ensures that whenever a dealer is not sure about a configuration, an advisor can assist in making the right choices in no time. With its innovative service, unblu helps Endless Pools to deliver on their commitment to quality and service.

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