1. 9 February 2017

    Mobile co-browsing paving the way to ever more collaborative banking solutions

    This week finovateEurope saw the release of unblu’s state of the art, mobile co-browsing solution.

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  2. 20 January 2017

    unblu gains market share in Austrian Banking scene

    unblu and ARZ will together, enable Austrian banking customers with bespoke and secure live collaboration tools.

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  3. 9 January 2017

    unblu strengthens Singapore region success with SOFGEN

    unblu, the leading provider of engagement solutions for banks and SOFGEN, worldwide provider of IT solutions in and around core banking, join forces to deliver next generation live collaboration solution to Asian market

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  4. 24 November 2016

    unblu selected to present at FinovateEurope 2017

    Leading live collaboration solutions company unblu will showcase pioneering full suite solution developed specifically for the banking industry

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  5. 25 October 2016

    unblu and mongoose announce integration partnership

    unblu and mongoose announce integration partnership

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