1. 19 April 2017

    The future of live engagement in banking - unblu’s CEO in exclusive interview with finovate

    Luc Haldimann on how unblu solves the problem better, what makes a great implementation and what we can expect from the live engagement vendor in the future.

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  2. 24 March 2017

    Mellon Group of Companies and unblu set to revolutionize customer experience

    Mellon expands its portfolio of software solutions with the cutting edge live customer collaboration suite from unblu.

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  3. 16 March 2017

    unblu receives European patent protection for 3rd generation co-browsing technology

    As secure co-browsing continues to redefine the digital customer experience in banking, the European Patent Office (EPO) grants unblu Inc. patent protection for key innovation.

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  4. 2 March 2017

    unblu’s mobile co-browsing set to revolutionize real time consultation for banks

    Mobile banking is becoming increasingly prevalent and banks are keen to utilize the mobile channel to engage with and sell to as many of their clients as possible. unblu’s mobile co-browsing is designed to facilitate exactly this.

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  5. 9 February 2017

    Mobile co-browsing paving the way to ever more collaborative banking solutions

    This week finovateEurope saw the release of unblu’s state of the art, mobile co-browsing solution.

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