1. 8 November 2017

    APIs and Fintech ecosystem: the vehicles to evolve in the financial industry

    Banks must find a way to use these new technologies to increase margins, enhance customer experience, adopt digital without losing momentum and, most importantly, remain complaint.

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  2. 1 November 2017

    PSD 2 “mandates” banks to invest to gain control over the customer experience

    Improve your interfaces, change your culture and innovate in an agile way in order to better serve your customers.

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  3. 27 October 2017

    Opinion: Bank branches, an archaic phenomenon

    There was a time when all transactions required that the customer visit the bank. But today’s customer is more interested in services on the go.

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  4. 18 October 2017

    unblu goes live in Spain: Improve your customer's digital experience with collaborative interfaces

    Unblu and Ibermática, with the support of @labancainnova, we are pleased to invite you to the meeting that will take place on October 26 in The Cube, the new space dedicated to innovation in Madrid.

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  5. 9 October 2017

    unblu signs a partnership agreement with Soitron to reinforce its presence in the Czech Republic

    unblu has reached an agreement with Soitron to jointly commercialize its collaboration solution for the key market verticals in the Czech Republic.

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