Visitor gets the error Invalid Ticket when trying to join a show session using a security PIN


I am trying to invite a visitor through a security PIN to a show use-case (SHOW Session). However, the visitor gets an error "Invalid Ticket" when he is trying to redeem (join the session via) that security PIN. 

This article applies only to older version of unblu than 4.3.x, in 4.3.x  a security PIN generated inside a SHOW Session can be redeemed via API or unblu default UI. After redeeming the SHOW Session PIN visitor is redirected to visitor-desk.


First of all we need to recall how the two different use cases of co-browsing, JOIN and SHOW, are initialized.

A JOIN session is a session that is initialized in the visitor session context. This means the session is initialized through site integration on an instrumented page (unblu is integrated into that page) and by redeeming a PIN in two different ways:

  • by using the unblu standard UI
  • by using a combination of a custom UI plus the unblu Javascript API 

This depends on the unblu module used (universal and/or embedded). Both approaches (unblu UI, and custom UI + unblu API) support in-context session migration. In this way the unblu session is started in the visitor's context.

In a JOIN use case, the agent does not have an already-running session but he generates a PIN, provides this PIN to the visitor and finally the visitor starts the actual session by redeeming the PIN.

On the other hand, a SHOW session is a session that is initialized through a simple click ("Start Show Session") by the agent. The agent can then open any page in his session and invite a visitor via email or a security PIN to the existing show session. A visitor can join a show session (only) in one of the following ways: 

  • by using the "JOIN Session" on the unblu home page (or or or similar custom landing page/widget) 
  • by opening the link that he receives via an email, (in a supported browser)


This means a visitor cannot join a SHOW session through site-integration (not through unblu standard UI nor through a combination of custom UI plus unblu API). If he tries to redeem a PIN (join the show session) via site-integration, the visitor gets the error "Invalid Ticket". 

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