Upgrading from a starter account to teams or performance

Trying to upgrade an unblu account from starter to teams or performance may result in the following error message: "Can't combine currencies on a single customer. This customer has had a subscription, coupon, or invoice item with currency ... Please contact support if this issue persists."

Step-by-step guide

When creating a starter account, a currency is set in the underlying billing system, even though the account is free of charge. The currency is derived from the location of the customer at the time of registration. For example, if a US citizen is on business travel and registers an account during his stay in Germany, the currency is set to EUR. Upon trying to upgrade to teams or performance back in the US, the above error message is displayed. Unfortunately, the currency cannot be changed and therefore the following has to be done to upgrade:

  1. Contact unblu support and ask for your starter account to be deleted.
  2. Register with unblu again online at www.unblu.com.
  3. Upgrade your account to teams or performance from the same location.
  4. If you are using the snippet, make sure that you replace it with the one from the new account.