How to enable the agent to perform click actions within an embedded session


I would like to enable agents to modify forms, click on a link button, or submit a form within an embedded session.


By default, the unblu server is configured to behave in view-and-point mode, which means the agent is not able to make any modification or perform clicks or scroll within an unblu embedded session. However, depending on your requirement you can enable single-event support (such as clicking, scrolling, editing, etc.) through server configuration in Below is a list of some events that can be enabled/disabled:

      # enable or disable scrolling support
      # enable or disable navigation support 		

      # enable or disable move support

      # enable or disable click support, clicking link, submitting forms

      # enable or disable forward-button support 

      # enable or disable browser back-button support

      # enable or disable filling, co-editing, support

      # enable or disable selection support

For example, if you want the agent to be able to perform click, edit forms and scroll, you need the following set of properties:

  • com.unblu.eventsupport.scroll=true
  • com.unblu.eventsupport.change=true

There is another important point to be considered. By default, the unblu marker is enabled. This means that if an agent clicks on an element (such as input/link/image/button) the click event/command is not executed on the visitor side. Instead, an orange frame is displayed around that element in the visitor's browser. This orange frame is called an unblu marker. Therefore, if you wish to configure the marker:

  • not to be available at all, use
    • com.unblu.cobrowsing.markModeEnabled=false
  • or to have the marker, but by default it should not be active, then use
    • com.unblu.cobrowsing.markModeEnabled=true
    • com.unblu.cobrowsing.markModeActivatedByDefault=false