How to configure SMTP in an on-premise setup


I would like to configure an STMP to be used by the unblu server when sending email notification.


There may be two cases where the unblu server can send email-notifications:

  1. If the unblu server is configured to send email notification for each chat request.
  2. If a chat request is not answered within the predefined timeout a contact form is displayed. Once the form is submitted the unblu server will send an email notification.

The configuration requires two parts:

  1. An SMTP needs to be configured. 
  2. A list of recipients needs to be defined.

Both SMTP and the list of recipients can be configured by adding the following properties into your unblu server configuration file ( and restarting the application container (unblu server):

#you need to configure your smtp here, so replace the "" with actual server

#configure the port is used, it can be 25 or any other depends on your smtp server

#whether the smtp needs authentication, the user needs to be authenticated or not

#If set to true causes the transport to wait for the response to the QUIT command.

#debug option

#whether to start STARTTLS or not

#your username, if the smpt require authentication

#your password

#the list of recipients, it may be a list or just a single email, who is expected to get chat-request as an email

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