Does unblu support load-balancing and clustering with more than one active node


I would like to have more than one unblu node running simultaneously behind a load-balancer to automate load-balancing and maintenance.


Unblu currently supports neither load-balancing nor support clustering. In addition, it does not support more than one active node/server.  

Unblu is a real-time application and does not store session-related data (apart from session analytics/logs) in a persistent way. Therefore, each session lives in memory throughout the entire session life-cycle, so it is not possible to transmit a session from one server to another.  At the same time an unblu collaboration session differs from a traditional application session in that it is a collaboration session including more than one participant, and more than one application (the unblu server and instrumented web-page).

(Load-balancing would not mean only load-balancing the visitor's session but the agent's session as well; plus the collaboration session itself.)

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