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Credit Unions

A complete digital member experience

Provide your members with a high-touch experience. 
Meet with members face-to-face, collaborate on documents, resolve issues in real-time, and build and maintain trusting and productive relationships.

30% More meetings

20% More conversions

95% Positive customer satisfaction

-50% Member support costs

Your members expect personalized help and relevant advice on finances

People put off dealing with their finances for many reasons: lack of time, interest or experience. Credit unions can increase member engagement with a humanized digital experience that makes the most of every conversation,

  • Differentiate your service from competitors.
  • Improve your member experience.
  • Build trust and loyalty.
  • Increase efficiency and generate more business.

Where Unblu is making the difference

Unblu’s credit union clients are combining the best of online self-service and traditional communication methods, bringing a much-needed human touch to digital member interactions. 


    Guide members digitally through the mortgage process in an efficient and personal way, whether it’s gathering information, getting advice, or filling out an application.


    Increase sales and avoid drop-offs by stepping in at the exact moment that the member needs help, whether they’re applying for a personal, student, or auto loan.

    Credit cards

    Streamline the credit card application process for existing members and generate qualified leads for first-time members by wowing them with a positive first impression.

    Member support

    Offer members help on the go with access to remote, round-the-clock, and personal support, available at their convenience with a seamless, efficient, and exceptional mobile experience.

How Credit Unions use Unblu

We’ve worked with more than 160 financial institutions around the world, empowering them to deliver superior advice and outstanding customer service with our conversational banking platform.

    Secure Messaging channel

    Secure Messaging channel

    Share whatever you need during the session. Even when the meeting ends, the conversation can continue. You can also leave the channel open.


    More about secure messaging

    Scheduling conversations

    Scheduling conversations

    Advisors can easily schedule conversations with members. As simple as creating a meeting and sending the invitation to the member.

    Advanced video & voice solution

    Advanced video & voice solution

    Our encrypted video & voice solution: full session history, call recording, and encrypted archiving of recordings.


    More about Video & Voice

    Co-browsing & Screen Sharing

    Co-browsing & Screen Sharing

    Take members through the details of your offer allowing you to focus on the value they'd get back.


    More about co-browsing

    Document exchange

    Document exchange

    Exchange and collaborate on documents. Even when a meeting ends, the channel can stay open, allowing for secure and easy document exchange.


    More about document co-browsing




    Offer a hybrid experience between the convenience of chatbot interactions and the reassurance of human-to-human exchange.


    More about chatbot integrations


A humanized digital member experience for credit unions

A member-centric in-person experience online

Why Credit Unions choose Unblu

  • 100% focused on financial services

    Our highly configurable solutions enhance how you engage and collaborate with members and prospects while also addressing regulatory needs. We have helped more than 160 institutions to deliver exceptional digital customer service and stand out from the competition.

  • End to end capabilities

    Unblu’s solutions are delivered through a single encompassing platform that integrates with existing digital channels, turning your self-service platform into a multi-user application without changing the underlying software. 

  • Easily embedded

    Our platform allows for simple and straightforward embedding into all web and mobile assets, from public websites to secure e-banking portals and mobile apps. No downloads are required. 

  • Proven business value across many customers

    Our tools have been proven to reduce support time and costs, improve Net Promoter Scores, increase engagement, and boost conversion rates. 

  • High security standards

    Whether deployed on-premise or in our Financial Cloud, our platform is designed to meet the financial industry’s demanding data security and compliance requirements. Our platform is built to meet all financial services regulations, whether stipulated by the local Market Regulator.

  • Designed for complex implementations

    Our platform allows for implementations with complex existing systems, such as CRMs, Call Center Applications, external messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and the Core Banking System.

More than 160 financial institutions worldwide trust us

We are the leading conversational platform for the financial industry. We have been helping banks, credit unions, and insurance companies to deliver the in-person experience for more than 10 years.

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