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All business line versions of unblu feature a Live Chat capability. You have landed on this page as you clicked on the chat queue icon, however in your account settings you have not yet activated the Live Chat option. If you would like to activate Live Chat, go to Account Settings in the Administrative Application and enable the chat queue under Agent Desk Configuration.

Here´s some general background on how Live Chat works with the unblu Business Line:  

With Live Chat a website visitor can get in touch with an agent via chat without having to start a co-browsing session. The system provides the choice to the visitor, which live support channel should be used.


While a Chat capability is available in all product editions as part of a co-browsing sessions, Live Chat now extends the use cases to also offer a Chat capability prior to co-browsing – or without ever starting the co-browsing functionality. Agents get visibility on the outstanding chat requests via the chat queue, which is now part of the agent workdesk. The workdesk also provides for the capability to preview the customer´s chat request in order to ensure the agent feels comfortable to answer the question asked. Once an agent accepted a chat request, that request automatically leaves the chat queue and is then opened as an active engagement session in the agents work desk.



The end user chat capability is launched as a native part of the web page – as opposed to a separate pop up. The visitor can drag the chat control around the screen, which ensures the chat functionality is not blocking an important part of the webpage.


If an agent wants to share and jointly view a file or wants to launch a co-browsing session, this can now be done without entering a security PIN as the chat session gets promoted to a co-browsing session. In this promoted session, the chat history seamlessly migrates into the chat function of the co-browsing session, now providing for the capability to engage with a customer without a telephone connection at all.



If you are interested to use our new Live Chat capability, please contact us via support@unblu.com and we will consult you about your options to upgrade your account. 

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