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Co-browsing is the bedrock of unblu's collaboration suite. We use two core technologies for co-browsing. Each can be enabled in any account but suitability is subject to the business use case.

  1. Embedded Co-browsing

    The strength here, is the ability to join a visitor on your site or application literally in the middle of what he's doing. Once the visitor has given  approval he can be joined unobtrusively and without interruption to the process he is taking part in.

  2. Universal Co-browsing

    The strength here, is added flexibility. Participants can navigate together to any site on the web.
    The agent may take the visitor to other pages outside the banking app enabling him to show the visitor comparative offers or news pages which may affect stocks for example.

  1. Document Co-browsing

    Collaborate and guide through intricate documentation.

  2. View & point mode

    Direct the visitor’s action without taking the action yourself. Whether highlighting a field or pointing out a navigation option, the visitor stays in control.

  3. Privacy mode

    Switch on the privacy mode and the other party can no longer follow activity. Useful when the client feels more comfortable to temporarily mask what the agent can see.

  4. Content Protection

    Add simple tags to your sites to denote sections and fields that are to be masked from the agent. 


Live chat enables users to communicate directly and immediately with agents and support staff. Documents and images can also be shared through the chat function making it a great way to build trust and assist a visitor effectively.

  1. Configurable Chat

    Utilise important brand touchpoints. Change the look and feel of your chat window with just a few clicks.

  2. Chat and agent reports

    Track your chat volume, monitor agent productivity.

  3. Real-time monitor

    Monitor live data on chat volume, visitor experience, and agent performance.

  4. Departments

    Organise your agents into different teams based on skills, language or department.

  5. Chat ratings

    Use chat rating to gather feedback and continue to improve the performance of agents and teams.

  6. Offline forms

    Ensure customers can contact you while you are away.

  7. Canned responses (shortcuts)

    Remain personal yet professional - allow agents to prepare short scripts and standard responses to use when engaging with clients to increase speed and efficiency.

  8. Email notifications

    Stay proactively informed. Receive email notifications when a new chat request is created or accepted.

LiveView Chat

A chat function is a good start, think how much faster an issue can be understood and resolved if you can engage in a chat session and can already see the page the visitor is viewing. You know exactly where they are and can offer immediate assistance in context. You can follow any actions a visitor makes and if it becomes apparent that the issue is more complex, you can still offer to co-browse with them.

  1. See what they do

    Keep track of the user’s actions to help identify sooner whether an issue is more complex than they described.

  2. Offer contextual assistance

    Know exactly where visitors are on a website helps you offer better responses.

  3. Escalate as necessary

    When things get too tricky to solve via chat, upgrade to co-browse seamlessly. 

Video & Audio

The ultimate in remote customer engagement - remain personal and fully interactive even via a digital channel. In other words, to give the customer a fully personalised experience video chat is unbeatable. The visitor actually gets to meet the advisor and talk to him in person just as he would in a bank branch. Also, if the visitor approves it, the advisor can view him too. Video chat opens up other business opportunities such as end to end onboarding processes.

  1. Video Snapshots

    Comply with regulatory standards: Take and save screenshots of a video transmission.

  2. Pop-out Video

    Configure chat or video sessions to open in a pop up window, ensuring a steady connection.

Mobile SDK

As an additional channel for real time customer consultation, mobile presents countless opportunities for financial institutes wishing to differentiate themselves and promote true customer centric solutions. Banks are keen to utilize this channel to engage with and sell to as many of their clients as possible. unblu’s mobile co-browsing is designed to facilitate exactly this.

View & point co-browsing

Engage with the visitor through their mobile device. Whether highlighting a field or pointing out a navigation option, the visitor stays in control but you can join him on his journey through your application and direct his actions remotely. Supported versions Android 4.2 and above, IOS 9.3 and above.

Admin Desk

Our Admin desk is also our agent desk. Based on user type, agents will only see the predefined elements they need for their daily work. Team supervisors and Admin users are provided with more functions and broader operational data access.

  1. Agent Queue & Forwarding

    Have issues resolved quicker and by experts in individual fields, increasing customer satisfaction.

  2. Monitor your teams

    Shift workloads and allocate resources in real-time, all with minimum training required.

  3. Statistics

    Leverage business intelligence - use built-in stats to analyse and improve your business processes.

  4. Availability Monitor

    View active sessions, agent availability, and filtered chat queues in real-time.

  5. Session Feedback

    Log and map session rating data against each agent or team.

  6. Audit trail

    Easily access electronic records and use them to learn about your customer's behavior and queries.

  7. Email Notifications

    Stay proactively informed. Receive email notifications when a new chat request is created or accepted. 

  8. Configurable agent interface

    Handle sessions more efficiently, increasing business continuity and improving the experience and satisfaction rates of your customers.

  9. Named Areas

    Filter not only by domain but by category. Streamline support by letting agents answer requests related directly to their areas of expertise.

  10. Multi-select filter queue

    Filter incoming sessions based on multiple values such as languages and expertise.

Already included as standard

  • File & Document Sharing

    Resolve issues quicker by sharing files and documents. Both visitor and agent can choose to share documentation within a session and additionally co-browse together.

  • Security & Compliance

    • SSL encryption
    • Dynamic websites
    • HTTPS sites
    • Cross origin iframe support
    • SVG support
    • Cross domain navigation
    • Proxy server integration
    • REST, JavaScript API
  • Support

    • Self service
    • Email support
    • Phone support
    • Premium support

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