Unblu 6 (latest)

This page contains the Unblu release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

First public version of Unblu 6 is 6.0.0.

Unblu 6.5.2 Release Notes

Release date: 18 February 2020

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  • UNBLU-7811 - TimeSpanFormatter shouldn’t be able to produce a timespan with number parts (like "sec") but no digits.

  • UNBLU-8019 - Product text affected by website style (text-decoration)

  • UNBLU-8316 - Js-Api-Demo-App: localhost:port is not correct detected (default server-url)

  • UNBLU-8753 - English instead of Fallback Text

  • UNBLU-8830 - IE: Agent-Desk layout resizing during call → end up in small Desk-UI

  • UNBLU-8942 - Agent browser fades to white when navigating

  • UNBLU-9010 - Connection issue when trying to open conversation with emojis as ID

  • UNBLU-9028 - API call /cannedresponses/create returns 500 if body is null

  • UNBLU-9056 - Color setting editor: can not select the transform operator

  • UNBLU-9079 - No restriction for timeout input but error if it`s too long

  • UNBLU-9083 - utransfer cli: NullPointerException when using simple relative file name as TO parameter

  • UNBLU-9084 - Reduce log severity of language fallback warning to info

  • UNBLU-9088 - Agent availability and busy state resolving and usage

  • UNBLU-9096 - Scrolling not working in embedded co-browsing

  • UNBLU-9098 - NullPointerException in AuthenticationSessionService.update()

  • UNBLU-9099 - Security fix on the Web-API

  • UNBLU-9100 - Security check for autoredirect target after login

  • UNBLU-9102 - "Change Language" → authenticator/setDefaultLanguage → Could not find service method for invocation!

  • UNBLU-9105 - MultiChoiceMessage Button: multiChoiceButtonMinWidth config doesn’t work

  • UNBLU-9111 - ID-Propagated-Setup: Change-Language not working

  • UNBLU-9112 - IPad Mobils-SDK: Co-Browsing loses connection right after starting

  • UNBLU-9116 - Wrong system notification if call timed out without answering

  • UNBLU-9122 - Collaborate-menu: gray instead of white

  • UNBLU-9133 - utransfer cli: error when java 11 is used

  • UNBLU-9138 - images with EXIF metadata should be rotated on file upload

  • UNBLU-9141 - Webhook causes error in server log every few milliseconds

  • UNBLU-9151 - Visitor-Overview not shown after navigate back from "All shared files"

  • UNBLU-9153 - New assignment request: Location + System values missing

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9078 - Mobile SDK: File Download

  • UNBLU-9081 - Add additional config property overlay to entrypoint

  • UNBLU-9118 - Improve voice call UI

  • UNBLU-8319 - New Assignement Request Mail notification to a pre defined mail (or a list of mail)

Minor version update: 6.5.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 6.4.0 Release Notes

Release date: 04 February 2020


  • UNBLU-8547 - Conversation-UI: Upload-Icon not shown (after fast send-message)

  • UNBLU-8775 - Make it possible to disable PIN based co-browsing

  • UNBLU-8921 - Login attempts are not rate limited

  • UNBLU-8931 - Password reset can be used to enumerate users

  • UNBLU-8946 - NullPointerException in DocumentHeadlessBrowserRecorder

  • UNBLU-9003 - Embedded-Co-Browser: Scroll-/Pointer-Position not correct

  • UNBLU-9021 - WebAPI Basic-auth login on the UNTRUSTED entry path is not possible

  • UNBLU-9038 - SameSite Cookie Parameter

  • UNBLU-9045 - CSS parser use original string value where possible

  • UNBLU-9057 - utransfer cli: export externalMessenger dos not export the channelIcon (avatar)

  • UNBLU-9058 - utransfer cli: import externalMessenger without channelIcon → "TransferException: fromAvatar not expected to be null"

  • UNBLU-9061 - Screensharing on Edge: bad resolution, text not readable

  • UNBLU-9064 - Embedded cobrowsing: Exception is thrown when URL optimization is disabled

  • UNBLU-9065 - Embedded cobrowsing: dynamically added unblu styles are accidentally captured

  • UNBLU-9067 - Property migration to 6.3.1 fails (if old + new key already exists)

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-9033 - Metrics of API usage

  • UNBLU-9072 - Call Permission handling

Removed Feature

  • UNBLU-9046 - Drop support for JSONP in Legacy WEB API

Minor version update: 6.4.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration and text properties

Additions of new configuration keys.

Unblu 6.3.1 Release Notes

Release date: 20 January 2020

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  • UNBLU-4757 - No discard button in property settings pages (global, account, user profile, anywhere)

  • UNBLU-6374 - Setting core.settings.cannedResponsesMinimalRole does not work

  • UNBLU-6862 - REST Test finding: response 4xx for optimistic locking exception

  • UNBLU-7008 - REST - Optimistic lock throws a 500 error with no text for /users/update

  • UNBLU-7097 - IE: Messages from both participants are written from left to right

  • UNBLU-7595 - Cancelled visitor calls still on queue

  • UNBLU-7905 - JS-API Demo: Login/Logout (partly) not working in IE

  • UNBLU-7991 - Individual-UI dos not open after click to notification

  • UNBLU-8075 - Lock icon on element hover for protected content is not showing.

  • UNBLU-8086 - API key parameter in the visitor snippet can be used to inject JS code

  • UNBLU-8340 - ReplyPostMessageData: BusinessException: Reply to unknown message → Response 200

  • UNBLU-8498 - Chat Agent-side: Long words not readable

  • UNBLU-8556 - Universal on phone/pad: Keyboard open is not correct

  • UNBLU-8577 - Leave Conversation - Pop-Up: No option for Cancel

  • UNBLU-8632 - utransfer does not import default API-Key

  • UNBLU-8644 - Typing indicator is triggered even when not 'typing'

  • UNBLU-8803 - Error in web console after stopping co-browsing.

  • UNBLU-8871 - Edge/FF: ScreenSharing agent-side view differ "top-bar"

  • UNBLU-8874 - Download results in exception

  • UNBLU-8876 - Upload results in NullPointerException

  • UNBLU-8878 - Choosing a long name results in an Exception

  • UNBLU-8891 - Canned responses are covering chat input field

  • UNBLU-8904 - NullPointerException in TrackingListRecorder

  • UNBLU-8911 - Pop-out option not shown even feature is enabled.

  • UNBLU-8912 - Typo in AvailabilityMonitorRecorderConfiguration: groped instead of grouped.

  • UNBLU-8914 - Typo in processResultFilePath: protoco instead of protocol.

  • UNBLU-8920 - Conversation-History: Overview-UI: "conversation-id" + "hidden-flag" are missing

  • UNBLU-8921 - Login attempts are not rate limited

  • UNBLU-8923 - Web-API: /externalmessengers/search does not support expand query parameter

  • UNBLU-8934 - utransfer: improve the error message if the login does not work.

  • UNBLU-8935 - Remote Scroll Event after switching layer

  • UNBLU-8942 - Agent browser fades to white when navigating

  • UNBLU-8943 - Web-API v3: search with negative limit and offset produces 500 error

  • UNBLU-8944 - Collaboration Server does not dispose all used Threads

  • UNBLU-8949 - Visitor info-box: email is cut if more than 29 characters

  • UNBLU-8951 - Universal: PDF file being downloaded/uploaded with String Query and JSessionID as File name

  • UNBLU-8954 - doc, ppt, pps and xls files can’t be co-browsed when allowFileDownload disabled

  • UNBLU-8956 - Wrong pin input in mobile sdk leads to sdk error state

  • UNBLU-8959 - Crash while starting embedded CB for the second time.

  • UNBLU-8965 - utransfer: failed to create user (superadmin)

  • UNBLU-8967 - WebApi calls could be cached in certain browsers (IE11)

  • UNBLU-8969 - Conversation History: add missing details

  • UNBLU-8970 - Safari: Buttons misplaced in active video call

  • UNBLU-8972 - utransfer cli: utransfer_exporter is not removed when exporting from a server with superadmin

  • UNBLU-8979 - agent.singleconversation.desk.conversationEndedRedirectUrl has not effect

  • UNBLU-8983 - utransfer cli: entities with $_version in the metadata map can not be imported

  • UNBLU-8987 - Empty text values cause the migration to fail on an Oracle database

  • UNBLU-8988 - Concierge OnBoarding option sort named areas & team

  • UNBLU-8989 - FileUpload from local-drive: doc/xls/xlsx/docx/etc contentType not correct → Co-Browse not possible (active)

  • UNBLU-8991 - Unblu CSS parser drops clip: rect()

  • UNBLU-8993 - The lazy loading of Unblu adds a white line to the footer of the page

  • UNBLU-8996 - com.unblu.theme.color.neutral can not be set by admin

  • UNBLU-8997 - utransfer cli: the temporary admin user name is not valid if the Account contains an @

  • UNBLU-8998 - Feature detection for screensharing not working properly (Safari)

  • UNBLU-8999 - LDAP synctool throw ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.collections.MultiMap

  • UNBLU-9001 - Unblu notifications issues

  • UNBLU-9002 - utransfer cli: temporary exporter admin user does not have an email

  • UNBLU-9005 - Liquibase "Text-Property migration Task" is missing in 6.2.0

  • UNBLU-9014 - HB problem: typing special characters in the HB URL field

  • UNBLU-9015 - HB problem: navigation does not work sometimes

  • UNBLU-9025 - When a canned response is edited, the list doesn’t show the new shortcut

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8631 - utransfer: Support 6.x.x features

  • UNBLU-8903 - mobile SDK: add Close Unblu UI Request Event

  • UNBLU-8922 - Show error at Unblu server startup when using Unblu v5 license in Unblu v6 server

  • UNBLU-8961 - utransfer: add info next to the exported json files

  • UNBLU-8962 - utransfer cli: error if the utransfer version is not made for the current version of the WebAPI

  • UNBLU-8963 - Web-API v2 and v3: add a method to get the product version

  • UNBLU-8964 - utransfer and entity-import: support single JSON file as input format

  • UNBLU-8968 - Selector request: Enabled/Disabled switch when editing a bot.

  • UNBLU-8986 - Source Code improvement: Use HeaderKey instead of literal header names

  • UNBLU-8992 - Unblu CSS parser - remove support for special non-compliant IE filters

  • UNBLU-9007 - Web API: improve error message when the name-area type is changed

  • UNBLU-9008 - utransfer: manage named-area siteId

  • UNBLU-9009 - WebAPI: allow apiKey to be null during updates

  • UNBLU-9016 - Allow the Visitor to stop mobile co-browsing session

Minor version update: 6.3.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings changes.

there is no 6.2.x version that is publicly available.

Unblu 6.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: 10 December 2019

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  • UNBLU-8577 - Leave Conversation - Pop-Up: No option for Cancel

  • UNBLU-8616 - IE: Console error by navigating from inbox to conversation

  • UNBLU-8647 - Color of "unavailable"-bubble not consistent

  • UNBLU-8659 - Zooming in/out moves the launch bubble on iPhone

  • UNBLU-8749 - Property filemanager.maximumuploadsize can be configured at Account-Level but it is not recognized correctly

  • UNBLU-8820 - IE: Network error by navigating to Conversation History

  • UNBLU-8829 - IE/??: Do not show "Share screen" on visitor engagement-UI of it is not possible

  • UNBLU-8866 - Remove manualAgentAvailabilitySelectionEnabled and rename to showStatusEditor

  • UNBLU-8869 - Status message: No length restriction?

  • UNBLU-8870 - Typo in Pop-Up WebRTC not supported: conent instead of content

  • UNBLU-8875 - Agent Availability state does not match the status set by agent

  • UNBLU-8881 - Some Text and Configuration property Scopes are wrong

  • UNBLU-8883 - User-Menu-Impersonated: Do not show "Open agent desk" (and "Manage global server settings")

  • UNBLU-8884 - "Agent" Conversation-History: TypeError: Cannot read property 'rd' of null

  • UNBLU-8887 - Agent desk fails to load in cluster setups with different domains for visitor and agent

  • UNBLU-8896 - Collaboration server should register itself as unhealthy when all Jetty threads are busy

  • UNBLU-8897 - NullPointerException in Dom Capturing

  • UNBLU-8899 - NullPointerException in CollaborationSession

  • UNBLU-8905 - NullPointerException in VisitorTrackingWebService

  • UNBLU-8906 - Log message should not be an ERROR

  • UNBLU-8910 - Adjust logging format to support OpenShift expectations

New Feature / Improvement

  • UNBLU-8859 - Person Name Evaluator: Add qualified static name

  • UNBLU-8864 - Dom selectors to the webhook delivery log page

  • UNBLU-8865 - User menu: Open external links in the same tab

  • UNBLU-8909 - The Collaboration Server should not accept new sessions while shutting down

Minor version update: 6.1.x

According to the release policy a minor update was introduced because of following changes:

Configuration settings

Several configuration settings changes.


New methods search to replace getAll.

Unblu 6.0.0 Release Notes

Release date: 29 November 2019

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Known issues

  • UNBLU-8866, UNBLU-8881 are blockers for user doing an upgrade from 5.x.x to 6.0.0

  • UNBLU-8875 issue with agent-availability

  • UNBLU-8887 agent-desk multi domain setup