Interface Configuration


  • Configuration


accessToken?: string

The access token used to log the user in before initializing Unblu.

apiKey: string

The API key to use. This is a mandatory configuration.

You can retrieve API keys from the Account Configuration interface. This requires the ADMIN user role.

entryPath?: string

The public path used with serverUrl to connect to Unblu.


If not set, '/unblu' is used.
initTimeout?: number

The timeout in milliseconds for the Unblu integration to load.


30'000 (30 seconds)
locale?: string

The locale to use for all Unblu translation texts.


If not set, the browser's locale will be used.
namedArea?: string

The named area to be used. The named area determines the queue that conversation requests go to, the agent availability, and the configuration.


If not set, the named area specified in the HTML meta element named unblu:named-area is used. If no such element is present, the named area associated with the current domain is used.

serverUrl?: string

The URL of the Unblu server to connect to.


If not set, the domain of the current page is used.