Interface CallModuleProviderFactory

public interface CallModuleProviderFactory
Factory interface for creating instances of CallModule dynamically based on the UnbluProvider provided. By specifying providers for different call module implementations, the application can automatically choose the appropriate implementation based on the configuration of the Unblu Collaboration Server. This allows it to switch from one implementation to another.
  • Method Details

    • createDynamic

      static CallModule createDynamic(UnbluProvider... modules)
      Creates an instance of CallModule dynamically, incorporating the provided instances of UnbluProvider. This method allows for the creation of a customized call module that is configured with specific functionalities or behaviors defined by the different providers. It is useful for assembling a call module with a tailored set of capabilities based on the application's requirements or the desired user experience.
      modules - An array of UnbluProvider implementations that define various functionalities or behaviors to be included in the created call module.
      An instance of CallModule that has been dynamically created and configured with the capabilities provided by the input modules. This instance can then be used to manage call functionalities within Unblu.